The Finest and Funnest Outfits For Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer! Always Handmade in the USA!
The Finest and Funnest Outfits For Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer! Always Handmade in the USA!
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Information Regarding our Purchasing / Return Polices

877.TUMBLE.2 or 877.886.2532

SUITE 102-435
CORONA, CA 92880

Thanks for your continued support!

To order, please proceed to one of our product pages and select the garments you wish to purchase and click "add to cart".  Once you've finished shopping, please click "checkout".  You can pay safely by credit card or conveniently with your PayPal account.

To place an order for fax or postal service, please request our order form by emailing us at
You may need click and install Adobe's PDF Reader reader to view / print the form. To install, click here.
Please fax your order to: (772) 594-7877.


To place an order via telephone, please contact us directly:
Toll Free Telephone | 877.TUMBLE.2 or 877.886.2532

Order via email by providing stylequantitysize and contact information to:

In addition to online credit card payments, TumbleWear Apparel accepts domestic and international money orders.  We also accept domestic, personal checks.  Personal checks may require 7-10 days for funds clearance prior to shipping merchandise.  Please address all funds to TumbleWear Apparel.  Please allow for any delays.  Sorry, no exceptions!

TumbleWear offers qualified applicants a variety of resale programs to meet your budget and customer demands.  To apply for our retail application, please send email to

TumbleWear Apparel only ships via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail domestically and USPS Global Priority Mail internationally.  Due to recent international postal rate changes, some orders may ship via First Class mail. All domestic items are shipped approximately the same business day complete payment is received.  International orders are shipped on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's.  All domestic shipments include USPS Delivery Confirmation Tracking and may be tracked via the website here.  Sorry, delivery tracking and confirmation is not available to International customers unless previously arranged between the parties.  Returns, refunds or exchanges may not available due to sanitary purposes.  All sales are subject to California sales tax and applicable laws. No exceptions. 

So long as a garment has been fitted with appropriate consideration for sanitary conditions (undergarments worn) and has not been worn, washed or worked out in and all care labels, garment tags, and scrunchies are still attached and the original TumbleWear invoice is supplied with a parcel, TumbleWear will happily accept returned items for an exchange or refund. 

TumbleWear maintains a policy of only shipping via Priority Mail from the US Postal Service for both domestic and International parcels. Due to recent international postal rate changes, some orders may ship via First Class mail.In the case of domestic parcels, each order includes “delivery confirmation” tracking to ensure that your package is traceable and delivery is date and time stamped. 

For an exchange, please include appropriate monies for shipping based on our published shipping and handling rates (see website for details) or include a note with your return asking for an electronic invoice be emailed to you for the shipping fees related to the replacement item.  

Optionally, you may include a self-addressed, stamped envelop with adequate levels of postage applied. Exchanged items returned via customer supplied postage and packing materials carry no guarantee of delivery or delivery confirmation by TumbleWear Apparel, LLC and TumbleWear will not be liable for postage, packing, shipping or delivery errors incurred on parcels supplied by customers.

Items returned to TumbleWear for refund will only include the garment price and be applied based on the original purchase price for that particular garment. 

Please carefully measure your child in comparison to our sizing chart below: 

TW Size Chest Waist Hips Torso Weight
Child: 5 - 6 22-23" 20-21" 23" 38-40" 35-45 lbs
  56-58.5 cm 51-53 cm 58.5 cm 96.5-101.5 cm 16-20.5 kg
Child: 6 - 7 23-24" 21½" 24" 40-41½" 40-50 lbs
  58.5-61 cm 54.5 cm 61 cm 101.5-105.5 cm 18-22.7 kg
Child: 7 - 8 24-25" 22" 25" 41½-43" 45-60 lbs
  61-63.5 cm 56 cm 63.5 cm 105.5-109 cm 20.5-27 kg
Child: 8 - 10 25-26" 22½" 27" 43-44½" 55-70 lbs
  63.5-66 cm 57 cm 68.5 cm 109-113 cm 25-31.7 kg
Child: 10 - 12 26-27" 23" 28" 44½-46" 65-80 lbs
  66-68.5 cm 58.5 cm 71 cm 113-116.5 cm 29.5-36.3 kg
Child: 12 - 14 27-28" 24" 29" 46-49" 75-95 lbs
  68.5-71 cm 61 cm 73.5 cm 116.5-124.5 34-43 kg
-   Adult Sizes   -
Adult: XS 30-32" 25" 32" 50-53" 85-100 lbs
  76 cm 63.5 cm 81 cm 127-134.5 cm 38.5-45.5 kg
Adult: S 31-33" 26" 34" 53-56" 95-110 lbs
  78.5-84 cm 66 cm 86.5 cm 134.5-142 cm 43-50 kg
Adult: M 32-34" 27" 35" 56-59" 100-120 lbs
  81-86.5 cm 68.5 cm 89 cm 142-150 cm 45.5-54.5 kg
Adult: L 33-35" 28" 36" 59-62" 105-130 lbs
  84-89 cm 71 cm 91.5 cm 150-157.5 cm 47.5-59 kg
Adult: XL 34-36" 29" 38" 62-65" 110-140 lbs
  86.5-91.5 cm 73.5 cm 96.5 cm 157.5-165 cm 50-63.5 kg

Garment sizes are not universal and vary by manufacturer.  Items returned to TumbleWear due to improper fit / size may require additional return postage payable by the buyer.

Any new garment requiring a return / exchange due to a manufacturing defect or error will not require any additional postage on the part of the buyer and TumbleWear will provide complimentary return postage for the defective / improper garment.  Simply contact our offices and we will happily expedite the replacement item along with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope for the item requiring a return.

Any item returned to TumbleWear that does not meet the above policy will not be considered for a refund or exchange. If no return envelop is included with the return or if inadequate postage is supplied, the original garment may not be returned to the customer.

TumbleWear will not honor returns, refunds or exchanges for any specialty, custom or team orders.

TumbleWear will not honor returns, refunds or exchanges for garments purchased from our retail partners or any third party source. In such instances, please confer with the gym, pro-shop or independent sales representative you purchased your TumbleWear garment from originally.

Email inquiries may be directed to:

Shipping inquiries may be directed to:

7056 Archibald
Suite 102-435
Eastvale, CA 92880


Please note, TumbleWear is a manufacturer and does not operate a retail store front.  Please, no visitors.